Jai Lord Ganesha Ganpati

Jai Jai Jee GanRaj Vidha Sukh Data Dhanay Tumharo Darshan Mere Man Ramta

Jai Dev Jai Dev...........


In the hindu religion, the elephant head God Lord Shree Ganesha is also known as Ganpati. He brings joy and happiness to the familyLord Ganpati bappa and may remove all the Obstacles. countless  devotee (Bhagats) praise this munificent Lord Ganesha

all over India. He is always worshipped first in temples and private houses. Less known tantric practices are also known. Visiting India, going to temples provides auspicious opportunities to get a first experience aiming to learn and to understand...


Lord Ganesha


The word Ganesha means the Lord of Ganas (the army of the gods), the leader of the army of Shiva. That is why he is also called Ganapati and Gananayaka.

Lord Ganesha is the Lord of Wisdom. The son of Lord Shiva and Parvati. He is also worshipped as the God who grants success. Lord Ganpati Fullfill all desires of his Devotee